What I'm doing now

Hi, I'm Kevin!

For work, I'm currently helping teams in an educational company with deploying their services into various Kubernetes clusters as part of their CI/CD pipelines. I'm also working to create on-demand development environments so the teams no longer have to share one dev environment and hope that changes made by other teams don't impact their own. In the not-so-distant past, my focus was on developing, monitoring, and scaling primarily Python-based Dockerized microservices to support single-page applications as well as building the underlying infrastructure on which the services are hosted.

For personal amusement, I'm looking into the Go programming language and acquiring an even deeper understanding of distributed systems.


You can email me at kevin [at] kevinrichardson.co or contact me via Twitter at _kfr2.

(Last updated 2018-10-10. See Chris Winter's "now" page for the inspiration behind this page.)