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Good day to you, dear reader! Welcome to kevinrichardson.co, the personal website of Kevin Richardson, a software engineer from the lovely Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Herein I will write about various things I find interesting as well as any revelations I have while developing different pieces of software or user experiences. Although I currently work predominantly as a web developer (mostly with the lovely Django framework), my personal and business work touches upon many facets and technologies. Thus, my posts will not be strictly related to web development but may be very exploratory in nature.

The technology behind this site

This site is powered by Pelican -- a static website generator -- and is hosted on Amazon S3. Content is written in Markdown, a lightweight markup language that allows one to easily add syntax like headings, anchors, and lists to an article. I use OS X in conjunction with Sublime Text (and occasionally the venerable vim) to develop and write the various content contained on this site.

If you desire your own personal site, I highly recommend a similar setup as the workflow for adding content to this site is quite easy if you are familiar with GitHub and Python. If you're not (and desire to setup a similar website), fret not -- I will soon write a post describing how one can setup her own installation of Pelican with GitHub pages.


Thank you very much for perusing my small corner of the web. If you already haven't, you may be interested in viewing the projects I maintain on my GitHub account. Furthermore, please feel free to contact me using the methods listed in my humans.txt file as I would love to discuss Life, the Universe, and Everything with you.

Pax et bonum: peace and good.

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